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I’ve been off the radar so far as the internet and social media goes for a few days which was a wrench at first and then transitioned into a great relief. It has been quite bizarre to pop the…

polaroid - grasmere gingerbread
Instant Life Photography

Grasmere Gingerbread

One  of the places we visited in the Lake District was Grasmere, and I feel I need to dedicate a whole post to the delicacy that is Sarah Nelson’s Grasmere Gingerbread. Oh. My. God. It is amazing – I’m…

Instant Photography


As I am writing this, bubbling away on the gas downstairs is a huge pan of soup. I used this recipe, except I didn’t have half the ingredients and added some other ones so it kinda isn’t that recipe…

Digital Photography

Freshly unsqueezed

It’s jolly nice to know that somewhere in the world (far, far from these cold shores) oranges are now in season and being picked just for me to be able to have something colourful to photograph and tasty to…


Scrummy granola bars

After a bit of experimentation I’ve decided to record this recipe in case I get knocked down by a bus win the lottery and don’t get to pass on its gorgeousness to the world. I’m never organised enough during…

Digital Photography

August break XIV

I have at last discovered my non-decaffeinated hot beverage of choice; mint tea. I tried the Twinnings one which was nice enough to pique my interest but a bit too toothpastey. This one by Pukka is much more rounded…

Digital Photography

August break XIII

I’ve not seen the film Crossing Delancey since I put ye olde video casette recorder out to pasture many years ago. It was my go to comfort film; whenever I was off work sick and stuck alone in my…

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august break VIII

You know how people think blogging is just people going on about what they had for breakfast? Well, here’s what I had for breakfast! Those blueberries by the way were homegrown and freshly plucked from the garden this morning.…

Digital Photography

Night and Day cupcakes

I made cupcakes! These are Nigella’s ‘Night and Day’ cupcakes. I do love a recipe that begins “this couldn’t be easier” – and it was indeed simple; chuck ingredients into processor, then into cupcake cases, then into oven, then…


Apple + Cinnamon Bundt Cake

I’ve always liked the look of a bundt cake; using a fancy tin I imagined would make the plainest and simplest cake look super-special. It turns out that I was spot on! Lidl is a cheap, German supermarket chain…