Cordon Bleurghhh

I never thought that eating out or getting take-away every night would become a chore, but you know? It kind of has. I went without eating fresh vegetables for days last week – one day, all I ate was a foot long tube of salt & vinegar Pringles and a bottle of chocolate Frijj. I’m such a classy bird! At least I haven’t sunk to eating Pot Noodles… yet.

I am so looking forward to opening up my HUGE fridge full of fresh food; preparing it and cooking it in my new eye-level oven. Yes, eye-level!! No more bending for me, not ever. Hear that knees? No more work for you! I think from now on I’m going to insist that everything is at eye-level, it’s just so damn convenient!

So anyhoo, suffice to say we’re half-way through the kitchen, and I do believe the ‘meet and greet’ guy at B&Q thinks I fancy him, as I’m there at least once a day to be meeted and greeted!

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