Today at work I spent hours debating the difference between abbreviations and acronyms. I lost the will to live at one point and went, melodramatically, for a walk in the rain. I then returned only to find IE doesn’t support the tag! I should have known this; I am a FI!

I wanted a short and sweet description, I mean, normal people are going to have to understand this, not just geeky people like me. I have settled on the following…

ABBREVIATION – unpronouncable initialisation, such as BBC, CSS

ACRONYM – pronouncable abbreviation, such as NATO, GIF

I realise that these aren’t the actual meanings of each word – believe me, I’ve done the research, I KNOW! But if you need to get hundreds of content management authors understanding the differnce, it’s got to be this easy!

Oh, if you’re wondering how to overcome the problem in IE mentioned above, here’s the solution I settled on. Thank you, Marek Prokop!

NB – bear in mind if you’re looking at this in IE then you wont see the tool-tips etc for the abbr’s, only the acronyms… I don’t think I care anymore though!

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    14 October 2004 at 01:58

    i love your site design–question about camera–does it take long to “prep”–focus, etc. just my experience with low-end digicams, wanting to upgrade–thx!

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    14 October 2004 at 22:43

    Thank you for the compliment :)
    My fabulous Canon 300D is very responsive, no complaints there at all!
    If I was FORCED to comment on any disadvantage, it would be the size and weight means you don’t always take it absolutely everywhere with you – but then any digital SLR will be like that. I do LOVE it though, it’s my baby!

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