Polling the electorate (wahey)!

Tomorrow is the day that, finally, we here in the UK get to exercise our prerogative and vote. To be honest I can’t wait! Maybe we’ll be able to find out what else has been happening in the world whilst the media and MPs here have been whoring themselves in front of us into a frenzied state of stalemate! For all we know there’s a new pope!

I am actually very interested in politics and current affairs, but I have to say, even Hugh Edwards on the 10 o’clock news is looking a bit harrowed trolling out the same old issues day after day with a slightly different spin (and a slightly different tie). Poor Hugh – at least I can switch off the TV (or find something interesting previously stored to watch on Sky+).

So, I’ve got my polling card, and I’m going to do my bit and march down to the local infants school and do the X thing. Going there is like returning to 1976. It’s the smell that does it – a mixture of unwashed PE kit, school dinners, powder paint and copydex (but without the bullying, hymn-book-mending production line that passed as an RE lesson, playing the recorder and skipping ropes).

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