Like swallowing razor-blades, only more so

I know there’s nothing worse than someone going on about their health, but I am feeling poorly and I need to share (in a non-contageous way).

I have the most annoyingly, painful tonsillitis in the world, ever! My tonsils are the size of golf balls and covered in a whitey-green pus and the infection has spread to my ears so I am pretty much deaf and have no sense of balance. Because of the holidays I have only just got hold of some penecilin (fought through 3.5mm of snow to get to the doctors).

On the up side – I get to live on cream of tomato soup and strawberry icecream. Woohoo! And I betcha I’ll be all bright and perky again on Tuesday, when I jave to go BACK TO WORK!! D’oh.

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    2 January 2006 at 23:40

    get well soon.

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