Morning ritual

coffee for two

Hit snooze.

Hit snooze.

Hit snooze.

Hit snooze.

Hit snooze.

Hit snooze.

Get up.

Bathroom stuff happens, always finishing off with Body Shop body butter – that stuff is the shizz!

Run all over house looking for a complete outfit.

Make-up. I have to have make-up.

Luckily/unluckily I have the sort of hair that will do its own thing no matter how much or how little effort I put in (so I choose ‘little effort’).

Get chauffeur/postboy/husband (this is one person) out of bed.

Check I have everything I need in my bag.

Put packages for post-office in husbands bag.

No breakfast.

Out of the house!

(The coffee in the photo above is misleading – this only happens at weekends when we wander to local coffee shop).

See you tomorrow x
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  • Reply
    Sherry Smyth
    29 May 2013 at 21:54

    I like how you give yourself permission to stay in bed! And you know exactly how many times you can hit that snooze button!

    • Reply
      29 May 2013 at 21:55

      I do, I do – I should have added that to my ‘hidden talents’ yesterday! :)

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