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Every day in May

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One whole month!

If I had to pick one word to sum up my experience of ‘Blogging every day in May’ it would be ‘surprise’. Surprise that I (pretty much) managed to blog every single day. Surprise about how much I was…


Who inspires you?

I’ve thought long and hard about this and I can’t nail it down to one person. Nurses and doctors inspire me. The supermarket checkout girl/boy who has to be nice to every single person inspires me. People living with…

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Morning ritual

Hit snooze. Hit snooze. Hit snooze. Hit snooze. Hit snooze. Hit snooze. Get up. Bathroom stuff happens, always finishing off with Body Shop body butter – that stuff is the shizz! Run all over house looking for a complete…


Catching up (again)

I’m slipping again from my target of blogging every day in May – so here’s a bit of catching up – we’re so close to the end of the month I can’t give up now! Fantasy dinner party You…


Music love

These are my top 5 albums. I think. Well, this is what they are today anyway. I’m going to be quite pedantic here and say that albums are very specific things – very much pre-iTunes. They are things you…


What’s in your fridge?

It’s touch and go whether I’ll get this post up on the right day (ie before midnight) as when I looked closely in my fridge I realised it was definitely not fit for international web exposure (or, to be honest, human…

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The subject for today’s ‘blog every day in May’ is compliments, in particular the best one we’ve ever received. That’s a tricky one, I mean, there are a lot of variables to ponder – the main one being; are they being…


Notes to the 13 year old me

That’s me in the middle with my brothers – I think I’m a little younger than 13 but you get the idea I hate to break this to you but Simon Le Bon found someone else to marry. I…

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Catching up

I had a feeling I’d lose my momentum with this blogging every day malarkey – it’s partly been down to other commitments, but I have to say it’s actually quite tiring banging on about yourself all the time. That’s not who…


Walk to work

Only the tiniest part of my journey to work involves any walking, but it does involve passing by this rather handsome chap… My desk faces out towards his field too so it feels like I spend the whole day with him.…