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These are my top 5 albums.

I think.

Well, this is what they are today anyway.

I’m going to be quite pedantic here and say that albums are very specific things – very much pre-iTunes. They are things you listen to in their entirety; the good tracks and the not-so good tracks and devour the complete thing – sleevenotes and all. For that reason most of these are oldies (nowadays I am very much all about Spotify).

The Sugarcubes – Life’s Too Good
I used to be a bit obsessed with The Sugarcubes in the late 80s – the best gig I ever went to was to see them at the ‘Town & Country Club’ (now The Forum) in Camden. (Fave track: Blue Eyed Pop)

Portishead – Dummy
Oh, the late night parties. The drinks. The discussions! (Fave track: Glory Box)

The Smiths – The Queen is Dead
I still listen to this in awe and so much gratitude that these people found each other and made this music happen. (Fave track: Big Mouth Strikes Again)

Pulp – Different Class
So many memories – probably my favoutire album cover too. (Fave track: Mis-Shapes)

Amy Winehouse – Back to Black
The most recent complete album I wholly immersed myself in and totally loved. (Fave track: Back to Black)

I feel awful – there are so, so many awesome albums I’ve missed off the list :(

See you tomorrow x
I’m blogging Every Day in May – let me know if you are too!

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