One whole month!

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If I had to pick one word to sum up my experience of ‘Blogging every day in May’ it would be ‘surprise’.

Surprise that I (pretty much) managed to blog every single day.

Surprise about how much I was willing to share and let out there into the big wide world – some of those things have been scrunched up and buried for years!

Surprise at the tales I have read by others who are also treading down this path.

Surprise at enjoying writing about ME so much.

Surprise at how much more efficiently I work with a ‘strict’ agenda and structure.

Surprise at discovering so many new and wonderful blogs out there I never knew existed.

Surprise that tomorrow it will be JUNE!

So on this final day of May I want to thank Elizabeth from Rosalilium for coming up with this fantastic idea and to Rhianne for mentioning it on Twitter at the exact time I was having my coffee break and thinking, hmm, I can’t think of what to blog about, I wish someone would just tell me! :)

So that’s it for blogging every day in May. But guess what – this is a blog which means by its very nature it is NEVER-ENDING! Yes, you heard right – run quickly, save yourselves, it’s too late for me but you just might make it out alive!

If you’ve been here with me on this journey, I thank you. x

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    1 June 2013 at 21:45

    We did it Angie! We deeeed it! And now, praise the pixels, we’re done doing it. Hoorah. You even managed to post pictures with your words which is one level above my mere ramblings. I’m impressed. Congratulations ma’am. Congratulations.

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    6 June 2013 at 14:49

    lol thanks for the shout out, though you did so much better at this than I did :) I’m glad you enjoyed it

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