Catching up (again)

I’m slipping again from my target of blogging every day in May – so here’s a bit of catching up – we’re so close to the end of the month I can’t give up now!

split face - brick lane

Fantasy dinner party

You are hereby invited to a dinner party: Nigella will be doing the cooking so wear an elasticated waist. She’ll be making lots and lots of starters. I love starters. Starters and cocktails (and maybe some pudding).

It will be a guaranteed warm summers evening so we’ll be out in the garden – lit by candles and lanterns and fairy lights. There will be NO moths.

We will be strewn on beautiful Moroccan cushions and the air will be filled with the scent of jasmine and honeysuckle.

We’ll have an old-fashioned gramophone playing something suitably chilled out – something Buddah Bar-ish.

Who’ll be there? Well, me (obviously) and you (because you ‘get’ me); we’ll be able to chat for hours and hours so do we need anyone else? I did consider having Michael Fassbender there to serve us drinks but I think we’d all be rather too distracted (and possibly filled with self-loathing) if we were to be anywhere within his orbit.

So, can you make it?


Secret talent

I can only really think of two secret talents – if I’m good enough to be called ‘talented’ at something then I’m generally happy to share this with anyone and everyone I meet.

  1. I have a totally awesome talent for stacking the dish-washer. I put this down to years of playing Tetris coupled with the motivation that if I get everything in there I won’t have to wash anything by hand.
  2. When I’m fast-forwarding through the ads on the Sky+ I can stop it exactly where the programme picks up every time. Even on 30x speed!


Bad advice

The worst advice I ever received?

There are two that immediately spring to mind, the first financial…

During the early 90’s – the taste of Thatcher’s Big-Bang (deregulation of financial markets) was fresh in the air and this meant that anyone at all could get a massive loan for anything they fancied and if they couldn’t afford that – simply get another loan. I sought advice left, right and centre as to whether now was a good to to buy property, seeing how I was STILL A TEENAGER – all I heard was ‘yes’. I bought a tiny little flat right at the peak of this tsunami of financial craziness, almost literally the day before the bubble burst.

The bubble burst.

It burst all over me and to cut a long story short I was left with huge debts and a tiny flat that was TOO tiny to live in comfortably and unsellable, I hated it and everything it represented. It took 10 years to get rid of it and I am still paying off those debts.

The second bit of bad advice was educational…

My family somehow managed to talk me OUT of going to university. Am I the only person in the world this has happened to? It was made clear it wouldn’t be a good financial move (ha, see above) seeing as I was a GIRL! I managed to persuade them into a couple of years of art college though (which I loved).

For the most part though the advice I receive is all good (certainly well intended). And now we have the internet so there’s certainly plenty of it to be had!

See you tomorrow x
I’m blogging Every Day in May – let me know if you are too!

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    29 May 2013 at 13:45

    No moths! I am there :) also I’m hugely impressed with your second secret talent.

    I’ve really not done very well with #BEDM either, oops

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