Getting things in order

:::NOTE::: the post below really only made sense if you read it on the old website.

I’m still here. I’m working on something quite exciting actually, there’s going to be a shiny new website soon!

Moving away from TypePad though is proving a time-consuming business – getting the words and all your lovely comments out and into a new database has been a piece of cake. Getting the images though is not!

I tried to find a quick and simple way of doing it but there isn’t one – TypePad traps your images in a secret lair that no one can penetrate. Annoying. So, I’ve had to grit my teeth and right-click-download each and every image and then open each and every blog entry on the new site and re-insert them! I’m glad I don’t have RSI (yet).

Doing this has, frankly, been driving me a bit crazy as you might imagine (bear in mind I started this blog in 2003)! It has been interesting though. I considered just writing off the early years as the photos were rubbish and the words were pretty inconsequential but then as I worked my way through it was really interesting to see how my work had changed and grown. One thing I noticed is that when I started using film and Polaroid cameras all aspects of my photography improved, including the digital stuff.

Anyhoo, I’m up to November 2009 so I am getting there, slowly but surely! I’ll let you know when the big move will happen and what new exciting new things to expect – for now I’m just focusing on the past.

figs on polaroid

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