New shoes

I have the strangest-shaped feet you can get without actually needing a doctor’s prescription for shoes.

Whilst they may be small, I have an instep you could drive a small Smart car under, so any shoe that has any kind of shape or structure just won’t fit. My Dad has the same problem but he won’t let me borrow his footwear.

Trips to shoe shop general consist of me trying to squeeze my ‘ugly sister’ trotters into rows of princesses glass slippers – failing miserably and buying another pair of slippers instead. I live in trainers or shoes that are two or three sizes too big for me and stuffed with cotton-wool (not v. comfy I can tell you).

Imagine my elation then, when, on a whim, I tried on the pointiest, reddest pair of shoes I’d ever dare to dream about.. and that they fitted me perfectly!Imagine now the dance of joy I did, in the middle of the shoe store, when I saw the price tag… reduced to just £10! (Must be freakily-shaped if they fitted me – hence the huge reduction in price).

Bliss, thy name is lovely shoes that are red and pointy and fit and are cheap!

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