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It’s 1.15am. Again. And I am desperately trying to think of things I’ve been up to lately apart from being sat in front of a computer screen, busily building up my online empire. If I were to create an Excel spreadsheet of all those things (oh yes, I’m one of those people now) it would be a very short one.

There was a day in town where there has been an invasion! Of rhino’s…

hello, rhinos!

another rhino

glint the rhino

And a trip to the art gallery…

southampton art gallery

Being a touristy area there is bunting everywhere, which is A-OK with me…


And not a lot else!

Soon though, soon, soon, soon my pretties I have an actual week off – hoorah! And I am so looking forward to taking photos again – I’m going to photograph the $**t out of EVERYTHING I see! (And dare I say it – look for the first signs of autumn).

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