Green day

I currenly have a problem with snot (sorry for using the green word), that has the same consistency and adhesive power as super-glue. This is proving very inconvenient for things like breathing and talking; I now have an attractive speech impediment resulting in a ‘buh’ sound in words where it really has no right to be (i.e. “them” now sounds like “them-buh”).

Did I happen to mention that I also have a bright red, shiny nose? (Not all the time, just at the moment). It clashes with all my outfits – I may have to work from home tomorrow!

By the power of Kleenex and ‘Trebor Extra Strong Mints’* I hope to be better for the weekend.

*refusing to buy in to the whole pharmacutical conspiracy of cough/cold remedies… they don’t work, we spend millions on them and they tast horrible!

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    7 April 2006 at 05:45

    As I recall, Lemsip or somesuch was the drink of choice for a cold… nasty stuff. That and paracetamul or something mascarading as aspirin. When my (now ex-) wife and I first came over to the U.S. she was aghast at the parade of pharmaceuticals available to the American neurotic. Apparently they’re more potent than their British counterparts though (having been raised on them, I suppose I’m immune). Our British visitors used to come over and load their bags with all sorts. One of the inculcations into American culture is taking the visitor to a Safeway (a kind of low-end M&S) and having them pace off the length of the biscuit aisle. Fat & doped up, that’s the way we like to vote around here.
    Probably nothing beats a good cup of chicken soup, though a bowl of hot & sour would most likely open up your sinuses… ewwww!

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