At last, the Muldowney carpets will no longer be home to half an inch of dust, crumbs and my hair (and goodness knows what else), as we have finally brought a new vacuum cleaner.

The old one packed up over a month ago; surprising due to the minimal milage it has done. Possibly it objected to some of the things it was made to suck up over the years (cat sick, plasterboard, smelly socks, spiders, etc).

What I want to know though, why are ALL vacuum cleaners SO ugly? We use them to suck dust off flooring that was once part of a sheep, so why do we clean them with something that could double-up as a jet-pack? Top of the uglies has to be the Dyson. I’ve never got the whole Dyson thing. Whilst I am sure they suck like Monica Lewinsky, who wants THAT much space-age plastic sat in their hall cupboard?

In the end we managed to find something that was a good compromise of size/sucking power/price, but it won’t win any beauty prizes! Our stained carpets will now loook pristine.

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