For breakfast today I had a Lindt chocolate reindeer and a mug of tea – man, it doesn’t get better than that!

I have just come from the shops – I was hunting out holiday bargains, because, you know, I haven’t spent enough time or money in West Quay this month! Plus I was getting withdrawal symptoms from my Starbucks-gingerbread-latte-and-two-extra-shots. I should have done the latte thing before I hit the shops though – would have helped a lot with the crowds and the elbows and the queues.

I had some John Lewis vouchers burning a hole in my pocket, so brought myself a decent mirror. I have to say though…. whoah! 5x magnification is a scary, scary thing – the flip side is a regular mirror, that’s still quite scary where did all those lines and wrinkles come from – and why can’t you get mirrors that make you look far, far away? There was one that showed 10x magnification, but that was like looking at the surface of mars – no way.

It’s been over two hours since I last ate, it’s very strange not feeling full to bursting point, I can still do up my jeans (just) so am going to make some more food. Tonight it’s Nigella’s Turkey and Ham Pie (I LOVE leftovers – I cook extra to get as many leftovers as possible).

Hope you had a merry christmas too! There’s some of my Christmas shots on flickr…

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