I totally, utterly, incontrovertibly despise having to do paperwork. I realise that probably everyone hates it (don’t they? surely this is the case), but honestly, it makes me want to cry. I am thinking of having a small large bonfire soon to discard the scary pile of stuff that has been shoved through my letterbox every day for the last… forever.

Except there’s always that nagging thought that maybe there’s something ‘important’ there. I bet there isn’t though. Everything that needs paying for is bleeding my bank account dry automatically by direct debit without the need for human intervention – I think I’m prepared to take the gamble and get out the lighter-fuel and matches.

I mean, do I actually need to keep printouts of my all my insurance policies? And don’t get me started on bank statements! I KNOW how much money I haven’t got thank you – having it all printed out and sent to me every month just means I have even more rubbish with all my personal information on that I can’t just recycle like the normal junk mail I get.

OK, calm thoughts, stop raving on like a grumpy-pants and have a cup of tea, woman.

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    21 August 2007 at 10:23

    John Cammidge here, I sent you an email and didnt know if is getting blocked as SPAM??

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