Catching up

Firstly, hooray! We now have central heating again. Our relatively new combination boiler stopped working, and in the few days between this event and when the plumber could actually reach us we sampled life the old-fashioned, chilly way; hunkering down in front of a flaming fire (lovely), washing with freezing cold water (not lovely). But now it’s fixed and I can have a good long think (in a hot, bubbly bath) about how the warmth in a house is so inviting and liberating and yet taken so much for granted. Everyone who needs it should have it. I am very lucky.

Anyway, all this contemplative thinking was making me hungry, so I thought I’d try out a Nigella recipe (from the new Nigella Express book). I tried Coq au Reisling. It was simple pimple to make and it tasted rich and delicious. I would say though that adding a whole bottle of wine and keeping the lid on whilst cooking makes for a very runny dish. If I made it again I would probably add less wine (and drink the remainder, in case it went off). I have some leftovers though, so I might try whizzing it up for a (hopefully) delicious chicken and mushroom soup.

I went out on Friday night for a friends birthday. I have to say, if given the choice I am a home-cooked-comfort-food type person every time, even if it does mean washing up. This, as opposed to being properly posh and pampered in a restaurant. Having said that, the food we had was lovely, and there was entertainment of the singing and dancing variety, so we had a great time. A little word of advice though; never let slip that you were on the country dancing squad at school – people will insist on seeing your moves, and let’s face it, even when they’re done well (which they weren’t) they look rubbish – especially when the music is Northern Soul! At least it wasn’t me who said I could moonwalk when I so obviously couldn’t. Oh, hang on a moment…

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