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The end is nigh

Well, the staycation is drawing to a close – I guess it had to some time! And, I’ll admit, the weather hasn’t been brilliant, but in a way that’s taken off a lot of pressure to always be out doing something, and as a result I feel very chilled out and relaxed. This photo sums up how the weather’s been this last fortnight – sometimes sunny, but a rain storm always visible in the distance ready to pounce…

[click on pic to see it bigger]

At least I have planned in one last day of freedom, so I don’t have a Monday morning to contend with – I realise though I am just delaying the inevitable!

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    16 September 2008 at 07:34

    How I miss the UK… your pictures make me so homesick for what was the best years of my life, those I lived in Bristol…

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