Retail therapy

I think I maybe now have RSI in my mouse-wheel finger from all the
christmas shopping I’ve been doing online. If I close my eyes I can
still see ‘add to basket’ buttons, but at least I have managed to avoid
the crazy-eyed shopping-zombies trying to find a Wii Fit. I don’t think
I am going to escape the madness entirely though – some people in my
family defy online gift buying guides and require the full hands-on
retail treatment. The only good side to hitting the shops for real are the
frequent coffeeshop stops I like to partake of. I love a coffeeshop, especially at
Christmastime; all that ginger and cinamon and whipped-cream. Oh, and
the coffee.

Here is a little pre-Christmas treat to myself – a little Lomonosov wren. I’m not normally one for nik-naky china but I fell in love with his chubby sing-songy looking face and  simple lines/colours. Plus he’s life-sized. Sweet…

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    irish granny
    18 December 2008 at 20:30

    the wren , the wren the king of all birds ! i see mine early morning on the climbers outside this window, only brown velvet curtains now.

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