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‘Indoor games’

I booked this week off work thinking I’d be out every day with my camera(s); off to various locations around the south, snapping and adventuring and having a thoroughly good time. Instead I am virtually housebound and slipping and sliding everywhere when I do venture out – which I am discovering is not as much fun as it first appears. They’ve said on the news to only make essential journeys – I went out to go to Costa Coffee. Totally essential!

So – here’s something from the ‘archives’ – last summer whn the sun was shining (and I was taking it for granted). This is some Queen Anne’s Lace I snapped down by the seaside with my old Lubitel2…

And look how B-I-G the pics are now! I’ve been using my indoors time to tinker with my blog setting (typepad is a bit scary when you start fiddling with the advanced templates though, so anything could happen).

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