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Film Photography

Redscale 120 film at the seaside

So – back to the photography! I decided to take my most intimidating camera and film that I’d never used before for my Saturday afternoon at the seaside last week. It was a gloriously sunny day and it had…

Film Photography

Did I mention I like film cameras?

When people say to me they are thinking about trying film photography and aren’t sure about what camera to get or where to buy one I tell them this; Mention to everyone you know that you wish you had…

lingerie - lubitel 2

The jeans don’t lie

I’ve definitely been feeling better about myself lately, which is marvelous. I think, no, I know a major part of this is down to what I’ve been eating (healthy, mainly unprocessed, often vegetarian, lots and lots of water) and…

Film Photography


Just a quickie from the archives – this was taken last June using my Lubitel 2 – I can’t wait to see that much lushness, colour and light again for real……

Film Photography

‘Indoor games’

I booked this week off work thinking I’d be out every day with my camera(s); off to various locations around the south, snapping and adventuring and having a thoroughly good time. Instead I am virtually housebound and slipping and…

Film Photography

Mind over matter

Just typical, the forecast is for a beautiful sunny weekend and I’ve got a sore throat and probably the beginnings of swine flu knowing my luck! Still, I am a great believer in ‘mind over matter’ so am thinking…

Digital Film Instant Photography

Camera Wars – round 1

I have so many cameras now (and shh, don’t tell anyone but I’ve bought another one over the weekend) I thought I might pit them aganst each other! This first bout sees three contenders: In the red corner… he’s…

Film Photography

‘Five Sense Friday’ on a Saturday

A bit late for five sense friday, but here’s mine for a super sunny saturday… tasting: strawberries – so many strawberries. seeing: the intense glittering of a gentle sea in bright, bright sunshine. hearing: bands at glastonbury (via the…

Film Photography

We are all beautiful

There are lots of reasons why I love my Lubitel 2 camera… You shoot from the waist so people don’t realise what you’re up to. If they do realise what you’re up to they don’t mind too much because…

Film Photography

Back in the USSR

A few months ago I took possession of an old camera (a Lubitel 2) of dubious heritage. A skip was mentioned. It looked OK, but then I took it from its case and saw the bottom was in pieces.…