The jeans don’t lie

I’ve definitely been feeling better about myself lately, which is marvelous. I think, no, I know a major part of this is down to what I’ve been eating (healthy, mainly unprocessed, often vegetarian, lots and lots of water) and because of the resulting weight loss (25lb* in 6 weeks – yay me)!

onions - pentax k1000
Pentax K1000 and Kodak Ektar film

I can’t wait to be thin! There, I’ve said it. It may be a statement that a future, fatter me looks back on and howls at in misery, but I genuinely feel like it’s now simply a matter of when and not if the skinniness happens.

lingerie - lubitel 2
Lubitel 2 and 120 film (can’t remember what sort)

I had a battle last week – oh it was hard! I fought the demons though and stayed on track. My routine had been scuppered from nursing poorly boy and I found myself in Sainsbury’s with an empty trolley, an empty tummy and only a hair’s breadth of will power. Luckily that was enough and I managed to battle the pastry demons and cake monsters. I know I would be feeling totally different writing this today if things had gone badly.

The words seem to be skimming off the page today; like flat stones on a pond. I LOVE THAT! Hey, maybe this me is now the real me and it will always be like this, everything will be easier and happier. Maybe I’m leaving behind forever the grumpy, miserable, no-hoper who dreamed of one day sticking to a diet for more than three days. I like this me, this is the me I want to see more of and introduce the world to. Yes I may turn into a terribly annoying, egotistical show-off but at least I will fit into skinny jeans! Ha, no, that’s a bit shallow even for me, but whilst this new person may not be to everybody’s taste I think she’ll definitely be a happier, more genuine person.

*Yes, 25lb sounds and indeed IS a a major achievement, however quite a bit of this was extra blubber that was piled on after Christmas – plus, believe me, I have a LONG way to go yet! What I am most happy about though is I have moved down a size in jeans. Jeans don’t lie.

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    Tiffany in Topeka
    28 June 2011 at 19:40

    Way to go, girl!! It is SO hard! I have a thyroid disorder (as in, I no longer have a thyroid…) so I’m on the long road to recovery. I have lost a total of 1 pound in the last 3 months… It is SO FRUSTRATING!!!

    So, I just wanted to say that I’m so proud of you! 25 pounds is a tremendous accomplishment!!! Here’s to loving ourselves for who we are and to knowing what we are on the inside is the important thing. BUT – feeling healthy, making smart choices, and getting some exercise are also important.

    PS – I love my jeans and don’t fit into them anymore. :( I can’t wait to celebrate along side you when I get back into mine! Yeah Jeans!!!

    <3 Tiffany

    • Reply
      28 June 2011 at 20:01

      Oh, Tiffany, thank you so much – it IS hard, it’s REALLY hard and thyroid problems must make it a nightmare for you!

      Your journey might have more obstacles than most but it’s a journey worth taking – I’ve been amazed how (good) eating habits affect so much in my life, not just the weight.

      Here’s to the future us going out to buy skinny jeans! xxxx

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