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It’s finally feeling a lot more like summer (i.e. it’s not raining and a degree or two warmer) but there’s definitely an air of late-summer now, don’t you think?

summer leaves

summer leaves II

What really helps me to get to sleep at night is watching videos on YouTube on my phone – this one by Lisa Eldridge is amazing, she really knows her stuff when it comes to make-up…

When I’m not watching videos I’m reading. I’m currently half-way through How To Be A Woman by Caitlin Moran on my Kindle at the moment, it’s amazing and I would thoroughly recommend it if you are a woman or know a woman (so… everybody). When I tweeted/facebooked about this book I got quite a few comments saying ‘is that you on the cover’? I take this as a huge compliment! (And no, it’s not. Although I am now toying with the idea of a white streak in my hair because it looks kinda cool – what do you think)?

How To Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

Oh, I have found a fabulous website called Portroids, do you know it? It’s basically a collection of Polaroid portraits which are then signed straight after they’re taken- there are SO many famous faces there, here are two that caught my eye…

Matt Smith and Ricky Gervais - polaroids

And finally, the ever inspiring Susannah Conway is once more organising the August Break for us all to join in with – hooray! It’s simplicity itself to join in, so please do, the more the merrier! Post one photo a day to the flickr group. That’s it. Easy huh? And there really are no rules so if you can only manage one or two a week, then that’s perfectly fine! It’s a very gentle and pressure-free way of collaborating and sharing (and a good excuse from blogging with words for a month if you so choose). Give it a go, I dare you!

August Break 2011

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