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When I visit a new place I always think to myself could I imagine living here? When I visited Liverpool recently the answer was a big fat ‘yes’!

are you looking for the source of your creativity?

It has the metropolitan vibe that I am realising is much more me than remote country-side is (although I am happy to visit there, of course). I love being near people, even if I’m not directly interacting with them and Liverpudlians are REALLY friendly too – my reserved southern sensibilities were well and truly shaken by all the smiles, waves and chattering. (Plus, I’ll never get tired of hearing a Liverpool accent).

the liver building, liverpool

The architecture is a mix of the Victorian grandiose  and the modern and new and it all works together beautifully – plenty to photograph.

windowliverpool museumsstairs in liverpool museumblue door

And of course there’s the little matter of THE BEATLES to contend with whilst you’re there. You may have heard of them…

four lads who shook the worldbands in mathew streetyellow submarinebarsfunnels

BEATLES, BEATLES, BEATLES! I bet it gets a bit unbearable if you’re have to live with it on a day-to-day basis – or maybe you get Beatle-blindness? As a ‘day tripper’ though (ha ha ha) I was rather taken with it all. We were way too mean to pay the admission to the actual Beatles museum, so we made do with a Beatles-themed Starbucks and the Beatles section of the (totally fab and groovy) Liverpool Museum.

beatles museumbeatles-themed starbucks

So yes, a big thumbs up from me – Liverpool rocks!

All taken with my Canon 5D MkII and 50mm f/1.4 lens

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  • Reply
    25 September 2012 at 00:00

    ahhhhhh so beautiful! Reminds me of my trip last year! It’s strange I also pictured myself living there, nice!

  • Reply
    leonie wise
    25 September 2012 at 06:51

    you make me want to go there…

  • Reply
    25 September 2012 at 09:27

    Yup, giving me the travel bug too. Also making me want to be living back in the UK with so many wonderful places just a few hours away… There are some advantages to being on such a small island!

  • Reply
    1 October 2012 at 02:58

    Beautiful pictures! I love your blog and just became a new follower! Maybe you could return the favor? Hop on over to:, read it, and follow me if you like it! That’d be AMAZING!


    • Reply
      4 October 2012 at 22:54

      Welcome, Sarah, and thanks for your kind words! Can’t wait to check out your website :)

  • Reply
    4 October 2012 at 11:49

    I really loved Liverpool when we were there, it is an odd mix of architecture but I enjoyed it too and I loved the Beatles things as well :)

    • Reply
      4 October 2012 at 23:01

      Me too – a great vibe there – and all the building seem massive!

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