I ❤ you, internets

OK, so a lot of this has been happening here in Britain, lately…

snowy instagram

…which has meant there’s been a lot of internet procrastination research going down chez nous.

I know we’ve just left Monopoly season behind us (does anyone actually play this at any time other than christmas)? However I couldn’t help but do a snorty chuckle when I saw this alternative to the British Monopoly board – totally sums up the economy right now!

I love this 80s video of Joan Collins showing how she applies make-up – just look at her go!

[If you can’t see a video here click this link]

I have some notes…

  1. Look at her skin – her face, her shoulders; so totally lickable flawless! I do, I want to touch Joan Collins.
  2. OMG, she looks totes amazeballs and, like, youthful with no make-up on.
  3. Where exactly were the blusher police in the 1980s?
  4. Have a boozy drink every time another layer of blusher gets applied and before you know it you’ll be telling every one you love them and sending regrettable text messages.
  5. Eyebrows.
  6. Is Parky (Michael Parkinson, the interviewer) taking the piss or is he blind?
  7. Err, Joan, don’t think I didn’t spot you adding mascara to your eyebrows and eyebrow pencil to your lips.
  8. Joan Collins, I still love you (and still want to lick touch you) – I am especially loving your latest work in this seminal piece for Snickers.
  9. If you want (can stand) more, do what I just did and order the book (second-hand) from Amazon for a just a couple of squidolas!

If you’re after some advice on shooting portraits then there’s a new eBook from Digital Photography School that looks fabulous. It’s called Portraits – Making the Shot. The author is Gina Milicia who’s very experienced and photographed some very well-known faces (plus there’s an offer on which means you get “14 Recipes for Amazing Portraits” for FREE!

portaits - making the shot - ebook

I’m sure everyone’s familiar with The Shard on London’s skyline (western Europe’s tallest building, dontchaknow) – well now it’s properly finished the public are allowed to go right up into the pointy bit and look out! Apparently there IS a lift so I might be tempted to give this a go. Here are some photos of the amazing view.

There’s not much I don’t want on Etsy but catching my eye right now is this stone, this little purse and this iphone case.

In a bid to eat more meat-free meals I have decided to make this and these (well, there’s no meat in cinnamon rolls. IT COUNTS).

Excuse me whilst I continue my very important research; exploring the internet so you don’t have to! (Any suggestions gratefully received).

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  • Reply
    25 January 2013 at 15:25

    Wow, that video is mesmerising, but she is really laying it on thick, I used to be rubbish with make-up but my uni house mate got a job with Benefit which taught me a lot, I still wear barely any though in comparison…

  • Reply
    26 January 2013 at 12:27

    Watching her putting on kohl is like watching Charlie coloring in. Bwahahaha! I also love the “subtle” brown line around her lips. Gorgeful. I do kinda want to take a sponge soaked in make-up remover to her face. Heehee. Thanks for sharing this my love x

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