Day in the life

I didn’t go to work today so it’s not a usual Friday…

07.51 Alarm on my goes off. I hit snooze (the snooze button is the greatest thing ever invented). Repeat 3 times.

08.21 Begrudgingly arise. All the usual bathroom shenanigans occur. Plenty of make-up is applied.

09.00 I fire-up the Dolce-Gusto and make myself an Americano. Ahh coffee.

09.10 Wander barefoot round the garden in the wonderful spring sunshine. There’s blossom and bees on the trees so finger’s-crossed for some decent apples this year!

apple blossom

09.20 I’m home today as I have work to do to grow my little empire. Plonk self in front of computer and fire everything up.

09.21 Maybe I’ll just have a little look at Facebook and Twitter.

09.30 Better check the news headlines.

09.34 I wonder if anyone’s said anything earth-shattering on facebook since I last looked? No. OK, work it is then.

09.37 More coffee.

09.42 I do some actual tasks on my ‘to-do’ list.

10.00 This is hard. Decide to watch some films on Sky whilst I toil. The Island (quite good) and Conspiracy Theory (rubbish).

13:45 Lunch time: Crumpets with marmite and a tin of orange Fanta.

14.20 – 19.00 OK, am boring myself now. Suffice to say more of the above happened but in a slightly differnet order.

19:00 I write a blog post called ‘Day in the life’ which is the topic of the day for ‘Blog Every Day in May’. What about the rest of the day though? I’ll make it up, no one will know…

19:30 I do an hour of pilates (haha)

20:30 Check lottery numbers. I have won! Wow, I am going to have so much fun spending £10,000,000!

20:32 Check out London penthouses on Righmove (Look at that one, I don’t like their pelmets).

20.40 Cook dinner for the very last time before hiring personal chef and/or nutritionist. Tonight’s delicacy is a mushroom omlette.

21.15 I may as well finish off the work I was doing, you know, tidy up the loose ends. Even though I’m technically a millionaire now!

21.30 I fire up Netflix and watch back-to-back Inbetweeners whilst I work. I love that show.

01.00 It’s 1am is my average bed time. It’s been an interesting day!

See you tomorrow x

I’m blogging Every Day in May – let me know if you are too!

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  • Reply
    Sherry Smyth
    3 May 2013 at 22:52

    Sounds like a most productive day (because no matter what you were doing — it was productive in some way!).

  • Reply
    4 May 2013 at 21:07

    Bwahaha! Well now you’re a millionaire, you better get yourself over to Brussels so we can become best friends and you can buy me cameras. Yes? OK, good.

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