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I’ve decided I need to direct my artistic urges into areas other than my job, which is demanding less and less of me creatively as time goes by! The knitting has been going ok, although I’m no good at shaping things, and there’s only so many scarves anyone really wants/needs. I am finding I enjoy sewing more than I thought I would (bad experiences in the past). I’m even going to go to a few needlework classes later in the month and have ordered some books from Amazon.

I made a fabulous corsage last night, using a pattern on this amazing blog. I don’t have much in the way of fabric/accessories so I ended up using a tea-towel and an old pair of jeans to tie in with my one proper bit of blue fabric to make it (see photo below). I think I did pretty well, it looks almost wearable!

I need to get myself to some charity shops and jumble sales to get hold of some funky fabrics/table cloths/curtains etc. Ebayers are wising up to the whole shabby chic thing; you now have to pay a fortune for peoples stained, flowery sheets from 1973.

I need to change the look and feel of this blog. It’s too industrial orange, and I’m not in an industrial orange part of my life right now. I’m thinking, bright pinks and duck-egg blue – maybe some polka dots – maybe some ric-rak. After 37 years, it seems I’m a girlie-girl after all!

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    16 June 2006 at 14:21

    Some knitting pics to inspire you 😉

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