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Cozy tea

Did I ever show you my tea cozy? That’s not a euphanism by the way, I really did make one. I had the book Bend-the-rules Sewing by Amy Karol for Christmas (which I love) and I used the instructions…

Digital Photography

Big spender

This is a bank-holiday weekend in the UK, so I have padded out my Monday off work with the Friday and Tuesday as well, so I am now beginning my five day weekend. Hooray! And the sun is shining…


Keep It Simple, Silly.

I am sure you haven’t noticed at all, but the gaps between posts here have been getting significantly bigger and bigger. It’s almost like I’ve got a life beyond the computer. Almost. I know this is hard to believe,…


Make and do

I’ve decided I need to direct my artistic urges into areas other than my job, which is demanding less and less of me creatively as time goes by! The knitting has been going ok, although I’m no good at…


Make it sew

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that if you have lots of things happening in your life that people might actually be interested in, that you will have no time in which to write about them in your blog!…