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That weekend went jolly quickly! I surprised myself though and actually managed to finish a roll of film and send it away for processing. I’m not saying I’m fickle (I am) but I’ve found that one of the downsides…

Film Photography

Thank you, Lomo

There’s a great article on the BBC website today about Lomo photography and the part it has played in keeping film photography alive.  My very first Lomo photo! Bournemouth Pier – Diana F+ It was certainly true for me –…

Film Inspiration Photography

Covent Garden by Clive Boursnell

Look at these photos. I adore these photos! They were taken by Clive Boursnell – they are of Covent Garden, London between 1968-1974. Oh, my! Images like this get me so excited about photography – I just want to…

Film Photography

Summertime bits and bobs

How’s you summer been so far? I’m still in denial that the one we’re having now is at it’s tail-end! I’ve taken to always having a little film camera in my (giant) handbag all times – here’s what I’ve…

Film Photography

Lavender London part two (South Bank)

The second half of my trip to London last week took in some wonderfully familiar scenery. The south bank of the Thames is always a perfect location for a photographic stroll as the landscape is suitably iconic yet always…

Film Photography

Lavender London part one (Deptford)

I popped up to London last week! I had such a good day, I was visiting the brilliant Leonie, who if you haven’t checked out should do so right now – she takes the most beautiful photos and writes fabulous…

Film Photography

Drum roll please…

So here we go – here are the winners of the film cameras I offered in a giveaway last week! Can I just say first of all though, I’ve been totally gob-smacked and moved by each and every one…

Film Inspiration Photography

Flickr Friday – rainbow edition

With the weather promising a little sunshine after about 3 years of rain over the last fortnight, I am mainly being inspired by rainbows – or more specifically cool film photos of rainbow-coloured things… ARCOIRIS (RAINBOW) by SamyColor slips…