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How to make your photos look like paintings

Firstly, let me just say I don’t think I have ever felt the need to turn one of my photographs into a painting before. I am perfectly happy that my photos look like photos and that my paintings look like…

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How to install and run a Photoshop action

Download and save your Photoshop action (unzip if necessary). You can save it to anywhere you like. Open Photoshop and then open the Actions palette (shortcut = F9 key). Click on the small triangle in the top-right corner of…

stag with bokeh
Digital Photography Tutorials

Shaped bokeh

I’ve been dying to write about this for ages, and now that there are fairy-lights everywhere it seems like the perfect time to create some custom-shaped bokeh! OK, so ‘bokeh’ is one of those unnecessarily nerdy words that photography…

blurry trees 2
Digital Photography Tutorials

Experimenting with blur

If you find yourself in a pine wood on an overcast afternoon in winter with an SLR camera at your disposal then you might want to have a go at something like this… I think they look quite painterly,…

xpro - weeds
Film Photography Tutorials


Cross-processing (or x-pro if you’re down with the kids, like me) is addictive and makes film photography an even more exciting adventure than it already is, I love it a lot! Want to know more? Zenith 80 + Fujifilm Velvia…

lens flare - lomo lca
Photography Tutorials

Lens flare

What is lens flare? Your camera lens is actually made up of lots of different lenses stacked together and if a very bright light source (especially the sun) gets into the camera at just the right angle then it…