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50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro lens

finished brownies
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I’ve been off the radar so far as the internet and social media goes for a few days which was a wrench at first and then transitioned into a great relief. It has been quite bizarre to pop the…

New Forest symbol
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Let the show begin

Meteorologists have been saying that when autumn finally gets started then the mild weather we’ve been having should mean it will be a very colourful one, leaf-wise. Well, I think it’s finally got started and it is indeed looking…

Digital Photography

The end of the beginning

Today is the last day of the longest and hardest month of the year. I always, always find January a slog and for whatever reason it seems an even harder wade through treacle this year than usual; it’s felt…

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Boxing Day

I hope you’ve all had a jolly old christmas, I know I have; too much of lots of things and presents too – fab! It’s frrreeeezing here (it’s been the coldest December since records began and the temperature hasn’t…

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Blue Monday

This is where I can show off one of the few proper flower names I know; echinops. I have no idea why that particular one has lodged itself in the tiny bit of my brain that actually remembers the…

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Alan + Marvin

I have introduced you to Alan the sea urchin before, but he complained that I’d caught him unprepared and not used his ‘good side’ so to stop his moaning I set up a full-on photoshoot to show him in…

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Miscellaneous Monday

* Everyone I have met today has had a really bad case of the Monday bleughs, never mind, it’s nearly over! * Why are my feet so cold? * Garden birds go mental with delight if you put out…

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Photo Friday – Extreme Closeup

I think Tesco must have overdone the flowers for Mother’s Day last week as they had LOADS of beautiful bouquets reduced to less than a pound each! Here’s a close up of one of my beautiful anenomes for Photo…

Digital Photography


Counting up the rings I think this tree is was the same age as me……