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Retro Metro – free Photoshop actions

Here’s a set of Photoshop actions which are particularly good at rescuing photos that are a bit flat and uninspiring or under exposed (i.e. 96% of the photos I’ve managed to take so far in January)! As always the changes happen…

Digital Free Photography

A pale and frosty Photoshop action

In my corner of the world it is very cold right now. The mornings look really pretty though; frosty and bright, which has inspired this little Photoshop action. It pares back all the alpha channels and neutral tones and…

Free Life Photography

A retro, calm and muted Photoshop action

When I edit my photos I’ll often mute down the contrast and colours and try to make everything a little more… calm. Calm and ‘filmish’. Like it could have been taken in 1971. There are Japanese scientists at Canon…

Free Life Photography

Instagram-style photoshop actions

It’s fuh, fuh, fuh-reeeezing today! I did go out for a bit this afternoon but have wussed out of braving the elements any further and have decided to have a play around with Photoshop instead. Nostalgia Ain’t What It…

Free Tutorials

How to install and run a Photoshop action

Download and save your Photoshop action (unzip if necessary). You can save it to anywhere you like. Open Photoshop and then open the Actions palette (shortcut = F9 key). Click on the small triangle in the top-right corner of…

Photography Tutorials

Four times the fun

Sometimes we all need a little more, so here we are – four time more and for free! If you’ve got a photo that needs a bit of livening up or if you just feel like playing in Photoshop…