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A walk in the park

You don’t always need a big, fancy camera when the photography bug bites. Being there is 99% of the solution. Thank goodness for camera-phones and social media… Hooray, I’m outdoors! #vscocam A photo posted by Angie Muldowney (@angie_lemon) on…

Life Photography

So, this has been happening

Turns out (without wishing to humblebrag) that selling your work online somewhere popular like whilst working full-time on a project that’s counting down to D-Day at the same time leaves you very little time to do things like blog,…

Digital Life Photography

Favourite social media channel

It’s amazing to think that 10 years ago this topic would have been met with a blank stare and quite a bit of head-scratching – now though it’s one of those subjects everyone has an opinion on – even…

Phone Photography


I don’t have an iPhone so that means, up until a couple of days ago I didn’t have Instagram either. Now though it’s available for Android phones as well – that’s me! It means I now get to join…