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A freebie 2013 calendar template for your photos

PLEASE NOTE: A 2014 version of this calendar is now available [divider_line] Whilst I’ll admit to desperately clinging on to the coat-tails of summer, I’ve seen more than one brown leaf flutter down before my eyes and plenty of…

Free Life Photography

A retro, calm and muted Photoshop action

When I edit my photos I’ll often mute down the contrast and colours and try to make everything a little more… calm. Calm and ‘filmish’. Like it could have been taken in 1971. There are Japanese scientists at Canon…


How to make your photos look like paintings

Firstly, let me just say I don’t think I have ever felt the need to turn one of my photographs into a painting before. I am perfectly happy that my photos look like photos and that my paintings look like…

Free Life Photography

Instagram-style photoshop actions

It’s fuh, fuh, fuh-reeeezing today! I did go out for a bit this afternoon but have wussed out of braving the elements any further and have decided to have a play around with Photoshop instead. Nostalgia Ain’t What It…

Free Tutorials

How to install and run a Photoshop action

Download and save your Photoshop action (unzip if necessary). You can save it to anywhere you like. Open Photoshop and then open the Actions palette (shortcut = F9 key). Click on the small triangle in the top-right corner of…

lens flare - lomo lca
Photography Tutorials

Lens flare

What is lens flare? Your camera lens is actually made up of lots of different lenses stacked together and if a very bright light source (especially the sun) gets into the camera at just the right angle then it…