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When the photography bug bites and there’s no daylight to play with, I like to fire up my faithful friend, Photoshop and have bit of a fiddle……

Free Photography

A free 2015 calendar template for Photoshop

It’s that time of year again, time to start planning how you’ll wow your family and friends during the festive period – how about with a calendar made up of your own lovely photos and Instagrams? This free template…

Free Photography

A freebie 2014 calendar template for your photos

UPDATE: the 2015 template is now available! Here’s something to do on those rapidly approaching cool autumn evenings – fire up Photoshop (any version will do, including Elements) and create a calendar with all those lovely photos you’ve taken…

Digital Photography Tutorials

Add heart-shaped bokeh to photos

There’s a certain day celebrating a certain lovey-dovey Saint coming up soon – and whilst I’m not one for ‘Hallmark Holidays’ I’m more than happy to get on board to celebrate love (just not with overly-priced cards/flowers/perfume/chocolates… OK, maybe…

Free Photography Tutorials

Light leak Photoshop brushes

Real light leaks Light leaks. I love them! Light leaks occur simply because ‘unwanted’ light is leaking into the body of the camera and slowly exposing the film. When you’re using a toy or Lomo film camera they provide…

Photography Tutorials

How to install brushes into Photoshop

If you’re downloading brushes then make a note of where you’ve put them – they don’t have to go anywhere in particular but remember where you’ve put them. In Photoshop: Click on the Brushes tool In the top options…

Photography Tutorials

Photoshop basics – Curves

A standard tool in photo editing software is the ability to effect contrast, tone and colour by playing with the ‘Curves’ setting – they’re a quick and versatile way of editing photos and best of all they’re a doddle…

Free Photography

Retro Metro – free Photoshop actions

Here’s a set of Photoshop actions which are particularly good at rescuing photos that are a bit flat and uninspiring or under exposed (i.e. 96% of the photos I’ve managed to take so far in January)! As always the changes happen…

Digital Free Photography

A pale and frosty Photoshop action

In my corner of the world it is very cold right now. The mornings look really pretty though; frosty and bright, which has inspired this little Photoshop action. It pares back all the alpha channels and neutral tones and…