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Weston Shore

Digital Photography

A shore thing

It’s still hot. I am still loving it. I am also loving it when nature wins and finds a way though the tarmac… …and trips to my local beach – which is like a 1960’s dystopian vision of a seaside resort; with…

Film Photography

4 months ago

Remember that film I had hanging around for ages? Well I received the prints today – hoorah! When I was a kid I can recall that we’d have films developed with two separate Christmases on (and a summer holiday…

Digital Life Photography

Back to it

We had huge storm today and it (along with being the first day back at work) has truly blown away any notion that the holidays are still with us. Goodbye chocolates for breakfast, afternoon naps and turkey sandwiches. Hello to waking…

pony and tower blocks
Digital Photography

Urban pony

Here’s another photo from Friday when I went to Weston Shore. If you’re wondering why you’ve never heard of this south coast beach ‘resort’ before, it’s probably because it’s sandwiched between an oil-refinery and a relatively intimidating, brutalist sink…

queen anne's lace - I

Queen Anne’s Lace

It’s hard to believe but the brilliantly-named Queen Anne’s Lace is actually a form of wild carrot! It’s one of my favourite, favourite plants – I love how it appears to be topped with a little cage, bulging with…

polaroid - Weston Shore, Southampton
Instant Photography


Nothing much to say, only that after days and days and days of rain, the sun and heat have finally arrived and it feels amazing – I feel drunk on sunshine!…

Instant Photography

Sea view

This here is my local beach, Weston Shore. (There’s a fantastic description of the place on the brilliant website Nothing To See Here). If you’ve ever caught to the ferry to the Isle of Wight you’ll have passed it;…

Digital Photography

Beside the seaside

The sea hasn’t quite frozen over yet, but phew, it’s getting close to it! This is Weston Shore in Southampton – the nearest seasidy place I could get to without exiting the city and braving unsalted roads. Now, this…

Digital Photography

I live by the sea

When you tell people you live by the sea, they imagine you spend every spare moment with your toes in the sand and eating ice-cream cornets. The little beach we have here in Southampton isn’t quite like that though…