So phoney!

I have the funkiest new phone in the whole world! Have a look at my new phone and go green with envy! It’s so flippin’ lovely I want to marry it. It has a camera, bluetooth, an FM radio, it plays MP3s, takes video, has java games and pollywhatsit ringtones… and you can use it to phone people too!

Once I’ve figured out how to get the photos I’ve taken with it from the phone to my PC I’ll be able to share some candid moments with the world. Whilst I absolutely LOVE my Canon 300D; sticking 7 inches of zoom lens into someones face and telling them to smile isn’t exactly discreet. I’m hoping that my new phone-cam will be James Bond like in its discreetness, and I won’t have to deal with overly-paranoid security guards and/or shop keepers if I want to shoot some urban reportage footage in my lunch hour.


Oh god it’s so hot! Peeling layers of flesh off everytime I get up from my fake-leather computer chair is getting too painful, so I have taken to wheeling myself round like a dalek.


Through some miraculous act of foresight I booked Monday off work in the vain hope that there might be a glimmer of sunshine. Woohoo – heatwave here I come – freckles; get ready to multiply!

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    2 August 2004 at 18:44

    Nice phone. I have T610 and get ‘things’ for it from here:
    I’m sure some of it will work on yours.
    Plus, I don’t think people should have to pay stupid prices for wallpapers, so I have put some here:

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