State of Play

Firstly; I just want to say, scrap everything I said about I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here! It is in fact, inane rubbish and I hope they all get eaten by blood-sucking koalas.

Secondly; holy crap it’s SO nearly Christmas… isn’t it? I mean, examine the evidence…

  • Every TV ad is about Christmas
  • People have hideous lights tacked onto their houses that could down an inexperience pilot flying in from foreign lands
  • The shops are PACKED with people who don’t say ‘excuse me’ or open doors or make eye-contact

Thirdly; frighteningly I seem to be piling on pounds. This has stemmed from having NO kitchen for two months (having to survive on take-aways and bar-snacks), and now I DO have a dream kitchen, I have taken to whipping up huge feasts at the drop of a hat (my pineapple muffins are to die for). With Christmas looming and with it the inevitable over indulgence that accompanies it, I can see then new year being NOT MUCH FUN AT ALL. You can call it ‘detox’ instead of dieting all you like, it wont make it any more bearable!

Fourthly; I am having nightmares about TypePad’s Moveable-Type technology. I am trying to exert a bit of independent control over the newly revamped blog I’m working on, but my brain isn’t wired into this particular matrix and I’m finding it hard, hard, hard. I Have had a few successes though (which are accommpanied by a little dance and the ‘I Am So Great’ song), and I’ve noticed there’s a book available to buy, so you may see some changes yet!!


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  • Reply
    1 December 2004 at 10:50

    hahahaha, I’ll look at koalas differently now :)

  • Reply
    Adam Tinworth
    1 December 2004 at 14:04

    I’ve picked up that book and am finding it very useful.

  • Reply
    2 December 2004 at 01:35

    Come to the US. People here NEVER say ‘excuse me’ or open doors or make eye-contact. God I miss the UK.

  • Reply
    3 December 2004 at 12:59

    Ditto for Holland! I never thought of Australians as being particularly polite or helpful until I moved here! A Dutch friend who spent three weeks with us in Australia was convinced virtually every girl he met fancied him, until we pointed out that so too did nearly every guy he came across, and it was just the normal friendly helpfulness. And if you think Christmas is bad, think of me, this week ‘de Sint’ comes and then in three weeks we do it alla again, presents, shopping etc, for Christmas!

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