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Postcard from the edge (of the world)

Did I mention that I wasn’t going to be around for a while? I’m back after a fortnight holidaying in Cornwall. Coming back has made me realise a few things…

  • A ‘wi-fi hot-spot’ means nada to your average ‘Cornish cream tea’ vendor
  • I’m much more ‘citified’ than I think I am, exemplified specifically in my quizzing of ‘Cornish cream tea’ vendors as to exactlly how they make their coffee (is a freshly ground, espresso-based latte with an extra shot too much to ask in the middle of nowhere)?
  • Two weeks of living next to a beach consisting of miles of clean sand, crashing surf, a bar ON the beach blasting out cool tunes and serving cold beer, is not long enough!
  • For the last fortnight I have only had access to FOUR tv channles. You would not believe some of the crap stuff I have watched. Happily more interesting activities were pursued as an alternative to having Sky+, such as; eating pasties; squeezing the car up roads built originally for one horse to pass by a local urchin going to work in the local tin-mine; building up my fine collection of freckles in the sun/wind; and, foot exfoliation through bare-foot beach walking. Amongst other things.
  • You can tell if something is authentically Cornish, as it will have pictured on it one of the following: a pixie, a pirate, a surfer, a pastie, or, more often than not, all of the above. Classy.
  • When the brochure says ‘palatially spacious 6-berth luxury caravan’ brochure is taking piss slightly. When brochure says ‘double bedroom’ brochure means you have to sleep side-by side, ram-rod straight all night, not moving elbows from their crossed position across your chest.
  • I want to go back as soon as possible because I had a BRILLIANT TIME!
  • Am currently in process of uploading all the millions of photos I took whilst I was there. Here’s a taster…




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