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One of the places we went to on our recent visit to Cornwall was Trebah Gardens. Something I wasn’t expecting to find there – or anywhere come to that – was a soap museum. As we’d paid £5 each to get in, we decided that we should get our money’s worth and pay it a visit. I’m so glad I did, I think it was my favourite bit of the day!

Soap packaging is (well, was) fabuous. The colours and the vibrancy really make you want to get out and scrub something. Even today, one of life’s small pleasures is unwrapping a band new bar of soap and using it for the first time.

Lux! I have some in my kitchen cupboard. It’s for handwashing laundry, so it doesn’t get used much. In fact I wonder if the museum would be interested in acquiring it…

I’m glad we do still have the pleasure of Fairy – even if it is in squeezy bottle and dishwasher-tab form now…

Look at this! Two questions, why, oh why can’t I still get ‘Bibby’ soap, and where can I get a dog like that?

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