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The leaves, they are a changin’

It’s time to face facts – it’s no longer summer. It’s not even late, late summer or an Indian summer. No, now it is most definitely autumn. It must be true as I am wearing a jumper, have switched on central heating and am thinking semi-seriously about Christmas.

This is the last of my summery flowers from the garden…

…my last posie of the year. I can spy one or two splashes of colour out there still, but (a), it’s too wet to go out there in my slippers, and (b), I think the garden needs all the spits and spots of colour it can to ease it into the dark and dreary days ahead.

If this makes me sound a tad bitter towards the Autumn, I’m really not, in fact I rather like it. The clothes are great at this time of year – all textures and richness and substantial. You get your moneys worth when you buy clothes at this time of year. And, (what could be more autumny) as we speak I am in the long process of cooking a beef stew. Yum! I soaked some dried peas last night to include in it, I think it’s going to be a good one! Very warming. Very hearty.

The supermarkets are full of pumpkins. WHY are pumpkins SO exciting? Everytime I see one I want to clap my hands and rummage for the biggest and most perfectly formed one. I thought it might be because they are so, so big – food never normally gets that big! However, I saw some teeny weeny ‘Munchkin’ pumpkins, each about the size of an apple, and they were equally exciting – possibly even more so!

I’ll ‘leaf’ you with this photo. One by one they’re changing…

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    25 October 2006 at 06:07

    Where I live (AZ, USA) one can’t get enough green, and even the brown isn’t as lovely as I remember those autumn leaves! Ah… there’s a poignancy in having gone full round in life.
    We are so like the fruit of a tree, green and tender in our youth, round and ruddy when in bloom, and then with the passage of time we grow thinner with the passing of the days until we’re torn from the tree and returned to the earth.
    Bugger, that’s a bit sad…

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