Is the kettle on?

I’ve discovered tea drinking. I am English, so obviously I have drunk tea on many occassions before, but my copious buying and drinking of so many espresso-based coffees every day has been taking it’s toll on my finances and making me feel a bit freaky as well to be honest. It’s not good when you can feel your heart vibrating against your rib-cage and you realise you haven’t blinked for half an hour!

I tried some Tetley tea-bags (they were cheap), but they were really quite tasteless. I tried TeaDirect – FairTrade tea with a conscience (but unfortunately not a lot of flavour). But, I am happy to say I have found and am devouring by the bucketful the most perfect tea ever… Yorkshire Tea. To be honest I was drawn in by the rustically-charming packaging, isn’t it sweet!

In case you don’t drink tea like us English drink our tea (i.e. properly), THIS is how you make a nice cup of tea for one…

  1. Fill your kettle with fresh, cold water and set it to boil.
  2. Meanwhile find your favourite mug and warm it with hot water.
  3. Pop your teabag in your mug – keep an eye on that kettle.
  4. When the kettle’s boiled – exactly at the moment the button switches off because it’s at it’s most boilingest point, thats’s when you pour the water into the mug. (If you forgot about the kettle and need to reboil it, it wont taste quite so nice – something about oxygen in the water)
  5. Now you wait, at least 3 minutes if you can. You might want to find some nice biccies for dunking. Hob-Nobs are good, but this is a whole debate in its own right and not something to worry us now.
  6. Times up, so give that tea-bag a little squeeze and dump him.
  7. Next comes the milk (I use skimmed but any will do) about a splosh should do it.
  8. If you are so inclined (I am not) stir in some sugar.
  9. Now drink and marvel at the wonderfulness of it!

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