Getting over myself

It’s good to be sitting upright and kind of in control of my facalties again! For the last 36 hours I have been suffering with the dreaded Norovirus, which is NOT pleasant at all. Both ends are affected, usually at the same time. Let’s just leave things at that! {Shudder}

Obviously one of the first things I did once I had stopped all the barfing was to drag the laptop to my sickbed and check out my etsy shop – and hey, I made a  sale! Not only that, but MY Spirograph inspired items (chosen by ME out of everyone) have made it to the Etsy homepage! All helping me to feel a lot better (plus the tea and marmite soldiers, of course).

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    5 February 2008 at 22:42

    Hope you are feeling better, and congratulations on you front page on etsy!
    I love your photo of the black tulips, I have some just coming up in my garden just now.
    Lovely to find you blog :)

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    13 February 2008 at 07:49

    Gosh I’m so sorry to hear you were so ill – but what a way to lift your spirits afterwards by finding out you were on the etsy homepage!! Go you!!

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