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Bank Holiday

Up at the crack of mid-morning and came downstairs to be greeted by the most wonderful scent…

Twenty-four hours previously they had been growing quietly away in the lovely garden of my lovely, lovely mother-in-law, but now they are mine!

Out in the garden, tomatoes are lined up, ready for inspection. All looking very good…

Lupins, looking good, well done…

Hang on a minute though, who’s that in the marjoram? You look like one of those naughty, alien ladybirds that we’re supposed to ethnically cleanse from our shores. You’re so pretty though, and you’re eating all those nasty aphids, I think I will harbour your illegal little personage and keep my karma feeling good…

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    john & teresa
    15 May 2008 at 18:00

    we’ve just planted a clump of lilly of the vally in the garden last weekend,
    it is a lovely scent on a summer’s afternoon.

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