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Apologies for the slim-pickin’s here lately – I am decidedly under the weather still which is EXTREMELY ANNOYING.  I mean, its been weeks! After a full day at work I just flake out – it’s all I can do to demand my peeled grapes and Turkish Delight. However, I’m pleased to report that my Moleskine notebook (medium sized, squared paper, coffee-stained) is steadily being filled with loads of cool ideas, plans and things to do “when I’m feeling better”.

One thing though that will always lure me from my malaise – even on a grey old Sunday – is the prospect of a trip out for coffee and photos. Consider this fair warning; there’s going to be a huge amount of blossom appearing hear over the next few weeks!

We drove all over the place trying to find some early sprouting signs of spring and it turned out the best specimens were outside the train station in the middle of town. I guess that makes sense – trees in suburbs/cities are chosen for their good looks plus it’s a few degrees warmer here than it is out in the sticks…

early blossom in town 6

early blossom in town 4

early blossom in town 3

early blossom in town 2

early blossom in town 1

All taken with Canon 5D MkII and Canon EF 135mm f/2 lens

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