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Hello, Camden

Camden Town is a part of London I’ve always heard mentioned in books and songs but never visited before so on Sunday we decided to have an explore.

Hello, Camden

Let me mention at this point I had inadvertently organised this trip on the same day as the London Marathon. Oops! ‘Everyone will be at that’ I thought. They weren’t. Well, they might have been but they were in Camden too!


Some ‘Facts’ I’ve learnt about Camden

  • Camden is actually one massive market and sells all manner of union-jack emblazoned paraphernalia
  • It has enough humorous/pop t-shirts to clothe all of Switzerland.
  • It is situated next to a canal (do not ever drink the water – I’ve seen what they do in there).
  • What isn’t market stall is Irish pub.
  • Simply breathing the air will get you 2% stoned.
  • Camden likes to reference Camden in the third-person at all times.
  • Bring a fork, there’s PLENTY to eat.









Can you spot me in the photo above?

Au revoir Camden – you are one hectic mo-fo!

Goodbye, Camden

All photos taken with (ahem) a new camera – Sony NEX 5R and 16-50mm lens

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    24 April 2013 at 13:18

    Ohh, is that one of the compact cameras without a viewfinder? How do you find it? I tried a few in Jessops but I really like having a viewfinder I’ve realised….

    Small confession: I wasn’t enamoured with Camden, in fact the only thing I did really love about it as the food. Saying that I never went with a camera and I love your shots so perhaps I need to go again with one :)

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