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Travel dreams

OK, I’m not an adventurous traveller (I only have a handful of European cities under my belt) but I’m lucky enough to have explored lots of places around the UK.

In terms of dream locations – one of my main reasons to travel would be to take photos and that has a great bearing on where I want to visit. I’m not so much about lazing on beaches or all-night bars – I’m more about local colour and all the little details that make a place unique.

Sometimes though, when somewhere is too beautiful, too well known, too awe-inspiring, I find photography quite stressful. Nothing I take can surely do this beauty justice – I felt like that when I visited the Lake District – in the end I just put the camera down and used my eyes. I can still see it now.

lots of sheep

This though is my dream list of places to go – at least the things I can think of right now…

See you tomorrow x
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