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Canon PowerShot G12

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Out and about

I managed to take me and my germs for a mini-trip out of the house today – just around town for a quick coffee and egg sarnie the a look at the circus where we pondered at what goes…

sunset 1
Digital Photography


Number one on my photography wishlist is a tilt and shift lens – specifically this one, which, when you see the price you’ll realise why it’s not on my ‘lenses I own’ list! For now then I will make…

Digital Photography


It’s a bank holiday here in the UK and that means the fair is in town! I thought this would be a good opportunity to test (ahem) my new camera which I had just loaded with film. More about…

Digital Photography

Down by the river

After going out for a wonderful Sunday lunch to celebrate my brother and niece’s birthdays we walked off the roast beef and yorkshire puddings down by the river……

southampton water 1
Digital Photography

Are you feeling lucky?

I’m feeling pretty lucky this afternoon. There was rain earlier; the big black clouds and pouring down like buckets being thrown sort of rain… and I managed to dodge it! After lunch at Pret I stuck my nose outside…

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Sunnyfields is our local organic farm on the edge of the New Forest. It’s a great place for Saturday brunch (organic bacon and free-range eggs in a bap – scrummers) and to pick up groceries. I almost ended up…

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It’s totally grim out there; cold, wet, dark. On the plus side this means I don’t have to feel guilty about being snuggled up indoors for most of the day watching (mostly bad) television and drinking lots of coffee.…

Digital Photography

Down my street

Well, not exactly my street but it’s walking distance and a bit more interesting… …you never know who you might meet or what you might find just lying around… …and after you’ve kicked through all the leaves and nosed…