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How to make your photos look like paintings

Firstly, let me just say I don’t think I have ever felt the need to turn one of my photographs into a painting before. I am perfectly happy that my photos look like photos and that my paintings look like…

horsie - after
Free Photography

Autumn Nights (a lightroom preset)

Do you use Adobe Lightroom? If you do you might want to have a play with this preset I’ve created – it’s called it Autumn Nights as it’s quite cool and contrasty with dusky black hues (plus it’s night…

Digital Life Photography

Togetherness – a family photo shoot

Now that the weather has finally decided it really is autumn rather than a scorching hot summer (that was a rather unexpected but lovely few days, wasn’t it) I have become wistful for those lazy, long days of sun,…

calshot castle, hampshire
Digital Photography


I’ve been tinkering with Adobe Lightroom recently and I am loving it! Whereas Photoshop can turn its hand to many, many tasks (and very well, too) Lightroom is geared just towards photography. I took these at the seaside over…

Photography Tutorials


What is a vignette? Vignetting is the darkening effect on the corners of an image – once the bane of a photographers life, they are now positively encouraged, enhanced or even added afterwards in Photoshop! 1. .2684, 2. 05980006…